McCarthy Applauds Funding for
Mojave Air and Space Port

June 7, 2022 | View Online

Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy commended the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) decision to award the Mojave Air and Space Port an additional $4.3 million to improve Runway 12-30, which is the primary runway at Mojave. This funding builds upon a $5.9 million federal grant awarded last year to strengthen this runway. 

“The additional funds for Mojave Air and Space Port will allow for vital improvements to the main runway, Runway 12-30, ensuring that Mojave has the necessary foundation for continued success,” said McCarthy. “I would like to thank the Federal Aviation Administration for its support of this project, and I also appreciate the Mojave Air and Space Port’s CEO, Todd Lindner, for his leadership to ensure Mojave is well positioned for the future."


  • The current award of $4.3 million in Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant funding will be used for improvements to Runway 12-30, which is Mojave’s main and longest runway. You can find the grant award here, which is funded by the Fiscal Year 2022 Consolidated Appropriations Act. This supplements a $5.9 million AIP grant awarded by the FAA in 2021 to strengthen portions of Runway 12-30. 
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