Liam our 2019 Theme Child!

Children Benefit -- Three and a half year old "Liam" from Maripos was the theme Child at

the California-Hawaii Elk Major Project's  Exalted Ruler's March on Saturday, May 18

at the Annual Convention in Fresno.

May 18 event for the Elks in Fresno.


Almost $4,000,000 has been contributed this year by members of the Elks Lodge throughout California and Hawaii to be used in treating children with disabilities.


Kira Wagner, exalted ruler of Mojave Lodge #2059, of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks contributed more than $5,000 which was raised by members of the lodge.

“We are pleased and proud that members of our local Elks Lodge were so generous with there dollars and time in this important undertaking“ Kira said.


Since 1950, the 84,000 members from throughout California and Hawaii have turned over more than $120,500,000 for the California Hawaii Elks Association Inc. which administers our nonprofit charitable corporation. All of the funds are devoted solely to providing vision screening and therapy treatment to children with a broad range of disabilities. Without the Elks supported donations, many of the children would not be receive such treatment.


The year-long fundraising campaign is capped by an impressive ceremony at the annual Elks Convention when representatives of 168 lodges throughout California and Hawaii present their donations to major projects and Elks association leaders.  The raising of the funds to aid children with disabilities is just one of the many philanthropic and patriotic projects which marked the Elks' contribution to our community”. To see more, check us out at


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