The following is a list of Boron area arrests and court appearances for the month of Aug. according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Department, other law enforcement agencies and the Kern County Superior Court; all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

  According to court records, 47-year old Lisa Michelle Bohl was scheduled to appear on Aug. 3rd for a Motion to Surrender Defendant and Recall Bench Warrant.

  According to court records, 54-year old Albert A. Rodriguez appeared on Aug. 6th for a Readiness Hearing on the charges of Attempted Murder, Assault w/Firearm on Person, Possession of Firearm by Felon (OLD CODE 12021(A)(1) and Battery on Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date/Etc; he appeared again on Aug. 12th for a Readiness Hearing (continued until Sept. 24th) and a Jury Trial is set to begin on Oct. 4th. Rodriguez remains in custody in lieu of No Bail.

  According to court records, 46-year old Celicia T. Allen appeared on Aug. 9th for a Hearing on Report PC – 1368 (mental competency hearing) on the charges of DUI: Alcohol/Drugs and DUI: Alcohol w/BAC > .08; she is scheduled for a Pre-Trial Conference on Sept. 7th; Allen also appeared on Aug. 12th for Sentencing on the charges of Willful Cruelty to Child and Disorderly Conduct: Drunk which was continued until Sept. 14th.

  According to court records, 30-year old Devin Lopez appeared on Aug. 11th for a Pre-Preliminary and Set Preliminary Hearing Date on the charge of Assault w/Deadly Weapon other than Firearm: Great Bodily Injury – Force – Personal Use where he pled No Contest; he is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 8th.

  According to court records, 50-year old John Wade Riddle was scheduled to appear for a Misdemeanor Arraignment on Aug. 11th on the charges of Drive w/out License and License Plates Securely Attached and Clearly Visible Rear Plate.

  According to court records, 21-year old Aaron Barnnett appeared on Aug. 11th for a Pre-Preliminary and Set Preliminary Hearing Date on the charges of Burglary>1st Degree (NEW EFF 4/12) and Obstruct/Resist/Etc Public/Peace Officer/EMT; he is scheduled for a Hearing on Report: PC-1368 (mental competency hearing) on Sept. 2nd.

  24-year old Jonathan Ferguson was arrested on Aug. 17th on Suspicion of Battery on Spouse/Cohabitant/Former Spouse.

  31-year old Travion Jones was arrested on Aug. 18th on Suspicion of Receiving Stolen Property – Motor Vehicle, Take Vehicle w/out Owners Consent, Drive While License Suspended for Drunk Driving, DUI: Alcohol/Drugs and Driving while Under the Influence w/Prior Specified Convictions; he appeared on Aug. 20th for a Return on B/W: Failure to Appear for Preliminary Hearing and on Aug. 30th for a Pre-Preliminary Hearing, which was continued until Sept. 14th.

  According to court records, 37-year old Michael Hopkins appeared on Aug. 19th for a continued Jury Trial on the charges of 3 counts of Sexual Intercourse or Sodomy w/Child 10 Years old or Younger 3 counts of Oral Copulation or Sexual Penetration of a Child 10 or Younger, Continuous Sexual Abuse of Child Oral Copulation w/Person under 14 Years Old/Etc, Sodomy w/Child under 14 Years old: Defendant 10 Years or Older and (USE > 2012) Sexual Penetration: Foreign Object/Etc: Victim under 14; his Jury Trial continues on Sept. 2nd.

  39-year old Shannon Roberson was arrested on Aug. 22nd on Suspicion of Intoxicated in Public.

  According to court records 48-year old Kuldeep Singh appeared on Aug. 23rd for a continued Preliminary Hearing on the charges of Hit and Run Resulting in Injury; which was continued again until Nov. 15th. Singh remains free on $25,000 bail.

  55-year old Calvin Smith was arrested on Aug. 24th on Suspicion of Assault w/Deadly Weapon or Assault w/Force Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury and Threats of Violence.

  According to court records, 40-year old Garrett Felter appeared on Aug. 24th of Sentencing on the charge of Carry Concealed Dirk or Dagger, which was continued until Sept. 7th and he remains free on $50,000 bail

  According to court records, 44-year old Paul Strategos appeared on Aug. 25th for a continued Pre-Preliminary Hearing on the charges of 2 counts of Oral Copulation or Sexual Penetration of a Child 10 or Younger, Sexual Intercourse or Sodomy w/Child 10 Years Old or Younger and Lewd or Lascivious Acts w/Child under 14 Years (NEW EFF 4/12), which was continued again until Oct. 13th. Strategos remains in custody at the Kern County Sheriff’s Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility in Bakersfield.

  24-year old Albert Rodriguez was arrested on Aug. 27th on Suspicion of Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant, Battery on Person, Accessory after the Fact, Multiple Beams and Drive w/out License; he was arrested again on Aug. 28th on Suspicion of Drive w/out License.

  According to court records, 32-year old Brandon Bohl appeared on Aug. 30th for a Status Conference on the charges of Disorderly Conduct: Drugs, Obstruct/Resist/Delay Public/Peace Officer/EMT, Trespass: Occupy Property w/out Consent, Fight/Challenge Fight in Public Place and Threaten w/Intent to Terrorize; all were continued again until Oct. 25th.

  According to court records, 31-year old Savannah Arrieta was scheduled to appear on Aug. 30th for a Continued Arraignment and Return (Proof of License) on the charges of Drive w/out License, Maximum Speed 65 MPH as Posted and No Insurance (charge may be dismissed if proof shown to court).

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