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CALIFORNIA CITY — Discussion and action regarding one of five options for addressing traffic concerns on Neuralia Road will be a new business item for the California City Council at their regular meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday April 23. A closed session regarding performance evaluation of City Manager Bob Stockwell will be held at 5 p.m., just prior to the regular meeting. Both meetings will be held at City Hall, 21000 Hacienda Blvd. in Council Chambers, the regular meeting is open to the public.

The five options to be considered regarding Neuralia Road are:

Option 1: Direct the City Manager to commission a traffic engineer to conduct a speed limit survey of Neuralia Road from the north city limit to California City Boulevard to determine what the speed limit should be and then Council could adjust it accordingly.

Option 2: Direct the City Manager to reduce the speed limit on Neuralia Road from the north city limit to the current from 55 MPH to 45 MPH.

Option 3: Direct the City Manager to waive any requirement for right turn deceleration lanes or left turn pockets on Neuralia Road from the north city limit to the current four  lane portion of Neuralia Road until the proposed Cannabis businesses have been in operation for two years, at which time they would be required to make these improvements at their expense.

Option 4: Concur with the staff determination that right turn deceleration lanes and left turn pockets should be installed at the intersections along Neuralia Road from the north city limit to the current four lane portion of Neuralia Road.

Option 5: Direct the City Manager to include a project in the upcoming 2019- 2020 Budget to fund the installation of right turn deceleration lanes and left turn pockets at the intersections on Neuralia Road to be added to the Street Capitol Improvement budget with funding to come from the General Fund.

In other consent calendar business, the council will adopt resolutions regarding levy and collection of assessments for Aspen Mall Landscaping and Lighting District, approve two part-time sworn police sergeant positions and approve a mutual aid agreement for County of Kern Operational Area Disaster Response.

The only other new business item will be regarding water and sewer impact fees, including discussion and direction for city manager to contact Mojave Unified School District to arrange a joint meeting with the city.

Other items on the agenda include Character Counts certificate presentations by Councilmember Tami Marie Johnson and a March report on investments from City Treasurer Keith L. Middleton.

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