The California Interscholastic Federation on Monday stated that high school sports won't return until December or January.

The decision came Monday in response to the rapid increase of positive COVID-19 cases in the state. The decision affects more than 800,000 athletes.

The CIF statement said that each of its divisions will build its own seasons around the new schedule. Under the new schedule, the last section football game would be slated for April 10 and one week for regional bowl games no later than April 17.

The last basketball games would be no later than June 12, followed by state playoffs ending June 19.

Baseball/softball championships would end June 19 and 26 respectfully.

"We are continuously monitoring the directives and guidelines released from the Governor's Office, the California Department of Education, the California Department of Public Health, and local county health departments and agencies as these directives and guidelines are followed by our member schools/school districts with student health and safety at the forefront," the CIF statement noted. "As these guidelines change, CIF Sections may allow for athletic activity to potentially resume under the summer period rules of the local Section."

The CIF also suspended bylaws related to summer period sports.

"Given that the CIF has moved the start of its traditional seasons of sport to December 2020, once allowed by the appropriate state and local agencies, CIF Sections may extend their summer period up until the first date of their Fall regular season sports calendar," the CIF statement nots. "All summer period activities must be authorized by the member school’s principal/designee. As per CIF Article 23, local schools, school districts, leagues, and Sections may develop a more restrictive rule than the CIF State Office with respect to the aforementioned Bylaws."

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