ROSAMOND – Adding nearly 9,000 square feet in building expansions was the main action item for the Jan. 22 Rosamond Community Services District meeting.

“It’ll add additional secure space for the on site record storage and the cost of storing records off site will be cut,” said General Manager Steve Perez. “The space will also provide an EOC – an emergency operations center – a very important integral part of the expansion. In addition to record storage and storage for emergency supplies.”

C.A. Carlson was the original architect for the existing building at 3179 35th Street West, which was opened in 2004. The building was designed to be expandable, according to Perez.

“If you’ll recall, the board authorized Al Carlson of Carlson Architecture Company to provide preliminary drawings for the expansion,” said Perez. “The thought of using Al was because of his experience with this building as the original designer of the building and that he would have a unique perspective working with the layout and how the expansion could take place.”

Seven preliminary drawings were to be provided for the expansion, extending the main building to the south in what is now a staff parking area. The expansion will add 4,370 square feet to the existing building.

“I want to commend staff on putting this together,” said Board President Greg Wood. “This is something that we need. The EOC is most important, followed closely behind with being able to keep all our vital records here on site, rather than have them scattered all over the place.”

The dual earthquakes in the Ridgecrest and Trona area in July was something of a wakeup call on the need for an EOC, according to Wood.

“This EOC that we’re going to be doing will be a communications center for all agencies – Mojave, Boron, everybody,” said Wood. “We need to come together to get things done throughout Eastern Kern County.”

Perez said he has had preliminary discussions with surrounding agencies to develop a mutual aid agreement.

“The communications in an emergency is probably your biggest challenge,” said Perez. “Not to mention, responding to leaks and breakages and what might happen but to communicate and get to them is your biggest challenge.”

Some 4,250 square feet will also be added to the operations building. Adding the extra floor space will also allow installation of a two-ton crane to help with repairs.

“It’s going to give our staff the ability to be much more self sufficient to do repairs, tear pumps down the work of that nature that we currently cannot do in our facility,” said Wood. “It’s going to make us be able to be more efficient in the maintenance department, the ability to do more work in house than we are currently doing.”

The total cost of the project will be approximately $2.2 million, which will include adding 4,370 square feet to the office building and 4,250 square feet to the operations building.

Authorization of an amount not to exceed $130,000 for Architecture/Engineering services for the construction documents, permitting and construction/administration for the expansion of the District facilities was unanimously approved. Director Gregory Washington attended the meeting via teleconference.

Staff is also looking into upgrading its radio system, allowing them to communicate more readily with agencies throughout Kern County and neighboring areas. Public Works Manager Brach Smith estimated that cost, which is in addition to a new two-way system being installed, would be approximately $4,000.

In other business, the board:

• Presented recognition to employee Juan DeLaRosa for 26 years of service.

• Approved Board of Directors conference and meeting list

The board also approved appointment of a management analyst at an hourly rate of $32.26 an hour by a vote of 3-2.  Directors Ben Stewart and Washington cast the dissenting votes.

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