SACRAMENTO — Today, AB 2481 authored by Assemblyman Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) was approved by the Assembly Public Safety Committee. This bill mandates submission of DNA evidence collected prior to 2016 and creates a timeline for forensic processing.
“This evidence should be profiled before the DNA degrades any further. Retroactive DNA testing is known to consolidate crimes, assisting investigators to identify patterns of criminality,” said Lackey. “Adjudication of sex crimes is of the upmost importance, because it allows victim-survivors to begin their recovery process without constant fear of being exposed to an attacker”
Academy Award-Winning Actress and Activist, Patricia Arquette tweeted: “Pass AB 2481! So all rape kits received by law enforcement agencies before Jan. 2016 be submitted & tested in crime laboratory by Jan. 31, 2022 Thank you @tomLackey36”.
Also, speaking in support was Victim-Survivor, Natasha Alexenko from Natasha’s Justice Project and Joyful Heart Foundation Director of Policy and Advocacy, Ilse Knecht.
The Attorney General released an audit of untested Sexual Assault Examination kits revealing nearly 14,000 untested kits in the State of California. Thereafter, releasing applications to dispense $2 million dollars that the legislature appropriated in years past to process the backlog.
AB 2481 is supported by Crime Victims United of California, Joyful Heart Foundation, Alameda County District Attorney's Office, City of San Diego, and National Association of Social Workers – California Chapter.

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