Boron – Thanksgiving is the time of year where we gather with family and friends to celebrate not only a holiday, but all the things we’re thankful for during the past year. This year is no different, although several people have more to be thankful for than most.

  The Boron Chamber of Commerce and Boron Alive continued a tradition that has been in Boron for several years now by hosting another Annual Boron Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner was held on Thursday, November 22, 2018 inside the Boron Jr. Sr. High School multipurpose room; the dinner started at approximately 12 noon and continued until 2 p.m.

  Several Boron community volunteers which included 2018 Jr. Miss Boron Emilia Flores, her brother and her mom prepared, cooked and served approximately 200 Thanksgiving meals to Boron residents who for some reason or another, didn’t have family in the area, didn’t want to spend the holiday alone, or other more personal reasons.

 The Hall Ambulance crew from Boron took time from their busy schedule to not only provide free blood pressure screening but also enjoyed the company of residents who came out for the dinner and have dinner themselves. “Unfortunately, we can’t be our families today, but by being here, we consider Boron our second family” Hall Ambulance said. The annual dinner consisted of Turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, a dinner roll and for dessert, a choice of either pumpkin or apple pie. There was also pink lemonade, yellow lemonade and ice tea to drink which was served on Thanksgiving themed decorated tables. Boron High School alumni and former guidance office employee Mr. Joe Barnard drew a sign for the event and folks were treated to a list of volunteers who dedicated themselves to this special event.

  The Boron Chamber of Commerce and Boron Alive wish to express their heart felt thanks to the following for all your help: Hall Ambulance for providing the turkey and pies, Mayor Dale Slavinski and his wife Diane for providing the dressing, 20 Mules Café for providing the green beans, Shanda Coyle for providing the yams, David Eyre for providing the dinner rolls, Espindola Family Grill for providing the cooking and services, Rio-Tinto Borates Boron Operations Visitors Center and Boron Alive for organizing the dinner, Boron Jr. Sr. High School for providing the multipurpose room, all the volunteers who prepared, served and cleaned up the dinner and to the community of Boron, for without all of you, we couldn’t have made this another successful Thanksgiving for all. Hope to see everyone next year; have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

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