BORON – The COVID-19 pandemic nor windy conditions couldn’t stop the Bobcats from doing what they do best; defeat they’re opponent. For the second time in Boron High School history, the Boron High School Class of 2020 brazed windy conditions to hold their graduation ceremony on the Lawrence Klein Memorial Stadium football field; the first Boron High School graduation outdoors was held on June 10, 1982. The ceremony took place on the home side of the field June 16th with a family only audience. The ceremony started at approximately 5 p.m. with the Class of 2020 arriving on a school bus which took them for one last ride around the track then with Pomp and Circumstance playing, each student exited the bus and made their way across to their rightful place on the sidelines.

  Boron High School Principal David Wiggs welcomed everyone to the ceremony then introduced Jordyn Lee-York who is the Class of 2020 Senior Class President. Miss Lee-York also welcomed everyone and introduced Muroc Joint Unified School District Superintendent Kevin Cordes, School Board President Sherman Burkhead, Chief Business Officer Trevor Walker, Board Members Matt Carter and Deandra Davies, Guidance Counselor Sonnett Davies and Attendance Secretary Becca McCormick. Miss Lee-York then called upon Class of 2020 Valedictorians Aaron Core and Bryson Job to give speeches. 

After the speeches, Mr. Wiggs then called upon Mr. Cordes to give a few words of encouragement. 

Mr. Cordes commented, “I’ve been wondering why graduation hasn’t been held on the football field before and with the wind, now I understand why also, the last time we graduated a class on the football field, Ronald Reagan was President”. 

Mr. Wiggs presented and Mr. Cordes accepted the Class of 2020 then it was on to the receiving of the diploma. One by one the graduates took the stage to receive their high school diploma then after “fist bumps” exited in an orderly fashion. The Boron High School Class of 2020 ended their ceremony by the “Turning of the Tassel” then exiting to the Boron High School “Fight Song” and boarded the same bus for one last ride as students to the quad area for a photo opportunity.

The Boron Junior High School Class of 2020 held a drive-thru ceremony at approximately 7 p.m. the same day. Students had already received the Promotion Certificates however; they as well as their parents wanted a more formal ceremony as in years before. Like Boron High, the Jr. High Class of 2020 was the first Boron Jr. High School class in the schools history to have their ceremony outside in spite of the windy conditions. 

Parents and family members lined the track around the football field then one by one, each vehicle made its way to the stage area where Mr. Wiggs presented awards then a photo opportunity with the principal for the last time as a junior high student.

West Boron Elementary School promoted the 6th grade Class of 2020 in a drive-thru ceremony, which took place in front of the school on June 11th at 6 p.m. Families of the 6th graders lined up in the parking area of the school and one by one, each student was driven to their designated spot then exited their vehicle to receive their promotion certificate and photo opportunity.

 The Mojave Desert News would like to congratulate the West Boron Elementary School Class of 2020, the Boron High School Class of 2020 and the Boron Jr. High Class of 2020; in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, you still did it. Best Wishes in the Future.

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