BAKERSFIELD – A Jury Trial has started for a Lancaster man who was arrested for a Hit and Run incident in Mojave; 44-year old Lancaster resident Angel Miguel Palacios appeared for a Felony Arraignment and was formally charged on Jan. 21, 2020 with Attempted Murder, Assault w/Deadly Weapon other than Firearm: Great Bodily Injury Likely, Battery w/Serious Bodily Injury, Hit and Run; Death or Permanent Serious Injury, Hit and Run Resulting in Injury and Vandalism: $400 or More Less than $5,000.

  As we reported on Feb. 27th, Palacios allegedly hit the victim intentionally with his vehicle on Jan. 16th in the area of Shasta and K Streets in Mojave; the incident occurred at approximately 12:30 p.m. After careful investigation by Kern County Sheriff’s deputies Palacios was located by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in Lancaster and after initiating a traffic stop was taken into custody where he was returned to Kern County.

  A Pre-Preliminary Hearing was held in Mojave on Jan. 29th and on Jan. 31st, Palacios was Held to Answer and the case was moved to Bakersfield where another Felony Arraignment was held on Feb. 10th. A Readiness Hearing was heard on March 13th and continued until June 17th (due to the COVID-19 outbreak) where his Jury Trial started on June 29th.

  While in custody, Palacios was arrested on March 19th and charged on March 23rd with Prisoner Possess Weapon and Bring Controlled Substance/Etc into Prison/Jail/Etc. He appeared for a Felony Arraignment on March 30th. After several Pre-Preliminary Hearings, Status Conferences, Confirmation of Counsel and a Preliminary Hearing from May 6th through June 26th, the above charges were dismissed.

  If convicted, Palacios faces up to several years in state prison; Palacios is being held at the Kern County Sheriff’s Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility in Bakersfield in lieu of $575,000 bail.

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