Boron Community Clean-Up; A Community coming Together

F.O. Roe, owner of Boron Emporium talking about Boron Community Cleanup and getting involved.

  BORON – For many years, Boron has been somewhat of a quiet little community; neighbor helping neighbor, peaceful and surreal; recently, the little town in the desert has grown in population, businesses and yes, even big city crime. The residents of Boron have always prided themselves with the “coming together” of folks in order to help each other in a way big cities use their resources.

  On Sept. 14th, we had a sit-down interview with one of Boron’s most prominent citizens – F.O. Roe (he and his wife Irene own Boron Emporium) about the Boron Community cleanups which have taken place for the past few years. Mr. Roe was most appreciative on us coming to him and getting an inside look on how the community can come together and help their neighbor. This is what he had to say:

  “This is F.O. Roe and I’ve been here or about 65 years plus and I want everyone to know that we love this little town; we’ve had a lot of things taking place in our little community and we’re just cutting the chase for which is what will be an incredible thing. I want to be able to bring Boron to where it’s a neighborly community and neighbors helping each other in the area of cutting weeds; let’s begin-let’s get our equipment out and help out; even if it’s across the street or down the street, just take our equipment and start cutting and let’s make sure that our neighbors know that they are friends, let’s make sure that the town knows we are alive and let’s make sure that the things that need to be done in this community are out to do it; let’s just do it”.

  “Let me ask you a question; would you get out your equipment and do it, would you really do it; just take the time to cut weeds for your neighbor? I sure hope you will; remember, Irene and I appreciate you and love all of you and as a community, let’s go do it”.

  We asked Mr. Roe about the different businesses in and around the downtown area about cleanup and here’s what he had to say, “I think everybody (with an exception) will be appreciative of their place being cleared of debris but I think everybody would love to get into this because I’ve talked to hundreds of people down through the last few years and they look at Boron and we need to be in the right place; that’s how we allowed this to happen; business people have somehow been caught in the same kind of trap and it’s a sizable trap. There appears to be an element that’s lost but it isn’t; the idea that people love this little town and they still do; the business people that have a need. Once that gets out into the public, it always has and it always will”. We then asked Mr. Roe about the effect COVID-19 AND whether or not the pandemic has had an influence on whether or not community members have been able to help with the cleanups; here’s what he said, “No, I don’t think it’s effected the cleanups at all because this is an outside thing that a couple of people with proper equipment can do. I hope that we can get people out of the house; a couple of people went into their garage and pick out equipment that hasn’t been used in quite a while started it up and doing something that’s good for the community. I would like to see folks (young and old) pick a day or a weekend, get their equipment out and just get started on clearing neighbors’ weeds and such; we will supply the water for them but get out and have fun, get out and enjoy life. We have extra trash bags, some water and a considerable amount of things; we are open and we’re here all day on Saturday so folks can come in and get supplies and start getting this done for the community”.

  We also asked Mr. Roe about the abandon houses in Boron and whether it’s okay to clear the lots and re-board the empty dwellings and his response was, “I would inform the county if we can’t contact the proper owner then the county has to been recognized and informed and in fact, the county would most likely come out and do the work but that’s not what we’re about; we’re about cleaning the place up and not going in and causing any problems; like neighbor helping neighbor. We’re looking at cleaning the town up and developing friendship and keeping it up and watching out for each other. When we care enough to clean up the town, it would show prospect to other businesses, people building new houses; it’s also an opportunity to show that Boron is alive and well and that’s EXACTLY what this is about”.

  We ended the interview with this comment, “We had about 4 weekends where we had about 10-30 people (this is an on-going project) and we hauled about 50-60 loads into the dump and these people worked really hard to clear debris from in front of houses and up and down Twenty Mule Team Road and Boron Avenue as well as some side streets; it was a wonderful thing; this is not a systematic thing, this is an on-going thing that we have to continue. We would like to see everyone out here every weekend;  we don’t have many that are available but we do have the incentive to get this done. I really appreciate you coming out and taking the time to come out and do this to get the word out that we need to continue to make Boron a place we can all be proud of”.

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