CALIFORNIA CITY — Last week’s Friendly Neighborhood Helpers Musical Play at Robert P. Ulrich Elementary was a big hit with students, parents, and faculty alike, all enjoying the hour-long musical play that showcased Ms. Davis’s second-grade class, who in turn showcased some of the real life “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers” that they encounter every day in the course of their musical play.

The show started out with Ms. Davis telling the audience of parents and faculty alike how the kids had worked hard to bring this play to life, and to show their appreciation for those daily heroes they call Friendly Neighborhood Helpers.

The entire class came out next to kick off the show, performing a full class rendition of the theme song to the play “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers.” That was followed by Storyteller 1, Cristina Ramsey, who introduced the first Helper of the show, that being the Crossing Guard Song by Jasmin Fizer, with Kristina Pendergraph as Kim, and Damar Thompson, Sophia Vidales, and Hazel Radke.

Then came Storyteller 2, Hazel Radke, who introduced the next helpers, who performed the “Firefighter’s Song,” that being Anamanu Aliki, Makayla Carpenter, and Alissa Robinson. Then came Storyteller 3, Jacob Ronkowski, who introduced the next helpers of the play and the “Dentist Song,” By Cristina Ramsey, Kamiya Reed, and Emari Brooks.

They were followed by Storyteller 4, Miguel Zazueta, who introduced the performers of the next helpers in the “Grocer’s Song” by Anamanu Aliki, Candace Boochee and Jordan Jackson. Next up was Storyteller 5, Jamie Powell, who introduced the “Mail Carrier Song” as performed by Jacob Ronkowski, Kristina Pendergraph, and Nyella McKinzie.

Storyteller 6, or Samiyah Polite and Miguel Zazueta, introduced the next helper of the “Chef’s Song” by Alianna Alvarez and Jasmin Fizer. Up next were Storytellers 7 and 8, Jacob Ronkowski and Miguel Zazueta, sponsoring the “Kids and Plumbers Song,” by Jordan Jackson, Khota Bridges, and Damar Thomas. They were followed by Storyteller 9, Nyella McKinzie, who introduced the next helpers with the “Garbage Truck Fans’ Song” by Candace Boochee, Jasmin Fizer, and Sophia Vidales.

Bringing up the last of the helpers came Storyteller 10, Hazel Radke, who introduced the “Vet, Librarian, and Recyclarian Song” as performed by Candace Boochee, Jasmin Fixer and Samiyah Polite.

The entire class then performed “Finale!” as the final song of the evening to a roar of applause and cheering from the packed theater room at RPU Elementary. Parents and teachers alike all took group pictures and enjoyed refreshments provided for the evening. Kudos to Ms. Davis for the show, and we look forward to many more. 

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