Little Red Barn restaurant in North Edwards after abandonment; fire destroyed the building in Jan. 2012.

Little Red Barn restaurant in North Edwards after abandonment; fire destroyed the building in Jan. 2012.

  NORTH EDWARDS – North Edwards (formerly known as Edgemont Acres and/or North Muroc) is situated in the Mojave Desert in a census-designated place in Kern County approximately 7.2 miles northeast of Edwards Air Force Base; as of the 2010 U.S. Census, North Edwards housed approximately 1,058 residents. North Edwards is home to Fluffy’s Kitchen, the Sunshine Market and the former Richard B. Lynch Elementary School as well as the Muroc Joint Unified School District offices and the former home to a Gulf Gas Station, 20 Mule Café, The Bubbi North/Little Red Barn, Chuck’s Pizza, Hillmans True Value Hardware Store, a bowling alley and movie rentals. Today, North Edwards serves as a “bedroom community” for those wishing to live near either Edwards Air Force Base or the Rio-Tinto Borates plant in Boron.

  In June of 1955, a land developer announced that he was building houses on Clay Mine Road within 2 miles of Edwards Air Force Base and soon construction was underway. In March of 1960, the Boron Enterprise reported that more than 1,000 residents in a half dozen subdivisions were living in the little community. The community was named North Edwards in 1958 and adopted in 1961; in January 1963, the Kern County Planning Commission recognized North Edwards as a town.

  In October of 1958, a Chamber of Commerce was organized in order to advance the civic, commercial and industrial interests of the community as well as foster social developments. The organization hoped to exert “a controlled guidance” in the community rather than allow “uncontrolled mushroom growth” and by 1957, volunteer firemen were constructing a fire house and receiving instruction from the Kern County Fire Department in Boron; Kern County assigned a fire engine to the volunteers.

  In March of 1959, construction began on first phase of a shopping center that was ready for business by October of the same year. A supermarket was opened by Thomas Stovall who was a former Bakersfield resident and retailer and soon after, other merchants joined him. The Edgemont Acres Mutual Water Company organized in 1960 and the North Edwards Water District formed in January of 1987 after consolidation with several local water companies.

  By May of 1967, the North Edwards Chamber of Commerce sponsored a community event titled “Western Silver Days” where they had a parade that featured a variety of floats, decorated vehicles and marching units; food was available at the firehouse and local merchants as well as merchants from Boron donated goods and services as door prizes. The First Southern Baptist Church was built in June of 1959 under the pastorate of Reverend Thomas Morgan and soon after, several other churches became part of the community.

  One of the most famous places in North Edwards was the “Little Red Barn” Restaurant that featured such patrons as Pancho Barnes and Chuck Yeager as well as other military personnel from the nearby base. Many Boron residents also frequented the establishment and even some of Borons teenagers worked there during the 1960’s.

  The Muroc Unified School District authorized a school in November of 1964 and by its opening in November of 1966, the school became the educational place for students Kindergarten through Third Grade. The United States Postal Service required the selection of a name that a majority of the residents agreed upon before opening a post office; the problem was solved in September of 1959 when the residents agreed to “Contract Branch No. 1 of the Edwards Post Office” and in June of 1961, the Chamber of Commerce and Community League held a postcard election with the understanding that all who cast a vote would be willing to accept the outcome. The North Edwards Post office was the winning name and officially opened for business in September of 1961 with Nevajoe Roush as the first postmaster of North Edwards.

  North Edwards was also the first town to have a female as President of their Chamber of Commerce: Ann L. Campen who was responsible for having Clay Mine Road paved, telephone service established to Aerial Acres, was a representative to Barry Goldwater Jr. and helped organize the annual Community parade for North Edwards and Boron which brought some famous people as Grand Marshal to the area. Mrs. Campen was an American Indian born on a reservation (no record of her birth) and she always told her grandchildren at every birthday that she was "58-years old". Mrs. Campen died on August 15, 1973.

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