The following is the crime data report for the Rosamond area for the month of January according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies; the geocode address level is approximately 100% with approximately 26 calls for service.

  3rd – Burglary: 1st Degree, 1300 block of Rosamond Blvd.

  4th – Battery on Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date, 3300 block of 15th Street.

  8th – Disorderly Conduct: Alcohol, 2400 block of Horizon Drive and Vehicle Theft, 2900 block of Trakell Street.

  9th – Burglary: 1st Degree, 3300 block of 15th Street, Burglary: 2nd Degree, 2100 block of 15th Street, Burglary from Vehicle, 3300 block of Marble Street and Battery w/Serious Bodily Injury, 3700 block of Mount.

  10th – Contempt of Court: Disobey Court Order/Process, 3600 block of Banyon Court.

  11th – Theft by Use of Access Card Information, 3400 block of Pine Mist Court and Burglary: 1st Degree, 3300 block of Sierra Hwy.

  13th – Disturb by Loud/Unreasonable Noise, 280 block of C Street and Death: Other, 3400 block of Clark Street.

  14th – Battery, 3000 block of 25th Street and Force or Assault w/Deadly Weapon not Firearm: Great Bodily Injury Likely, 2900 block of C Street.

  17th – Theft less than $950 from Building, 2700 b lock of Sierra Hwy.

  18th – Battery on Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date, 1000 block of Hastings Avenue and Inflict Corporal Injury on Spouse/Cohabitant, 3300 block of Werner Street.

  19th – Battery w/Serious Bodily Injury, 3800 block of Springfield Court.

  21st – Vandalism: $400 or More, 2700 block of Elberta Street, Grand Theft Auto: Recovery other Agency, 10th Street and Felon/Addict/Etc Possess Firearm, 3300 block of Werner Street.

  22nd – Violate Court Domestic Violence Order, 2600 block of Cold Creek.

  23rd – Battery on Spouse/Ex Spouse/Date, 3200 block of Rosamond Blvd.

  24th – Burglary: 1st Degree, 2700 block of Elberta Street.

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