MOJAVE — The strange tale of Homecoming 2018 is about to unfold. The issue of concussions suffered in football is has become such an issue as to affect local high school sports this year. A new law passed for state athletics requires what is being called concussion grass — that is, a solid inch and a half of grass is now required on all high school football fields to protect the players from ground contact concussions. It is law. California City’s football field did not meet those requirements this year, and as such, the team played its entire 2018 season on the road. No home games at all this year!

So, what to do for homecoming against division rivals the Rosamond Roadrunners? Meet in the middle in Mojave, of course! And so that’s exactly what happened last Saturday night. Cal City played Rosamond in Mojave.

But the road warrior Ravens came out strong regardless of the location, and took the Roadrunners apart starting right out the gate. Coach Sherman was back in the saddle for this one and the Ravens were firing on all cylinders.

The Ravens racked up a quick touchdown in the first quarter, missing the extra point and settling for a 6-0 start that only grew with time. The Ravens added another two TDs and 15 points in the second quarter, and came back after halftime to drop another 8 points, then adding one more TD in the fourth to end the game with a 36-0 final score.

The Ravens will next travel to face Bishop Union this Friday night. Game time is 7 p.m. Their record now stands at 5-3, and 3-0 in league games. Very respectable for a homeless team wandering the California nights taking on all challengers.

Rosamond will take on Kern Valley this Friday night in Rosamond starting at 7 p.m. when the 2-7, 0-3 Runners will look to grab another W for their season.

The Mighty Mojave Mustangs with their 6-0 record will host the Mammoth Huskies (4-4, 2-0 in league games) at 7 p.m. Friday in the Mustang Corral.

And over in Boron, the Bobcats Varsity Football team closed out their regular season with a loss to Bishop Union last Friday in Boron 40-15 with Boron starting out the game in the first quarter with a one point lead 8-7. It all went downhill from there as Bishop Union put up back-to-back 13-point quarters in the second and third while holding the Bobcats to only 7 points in both. The Broncos added another TD in the fourth to rack up their 40 points and the win. Boron closes out their regular season with a 3-7 overall record, 2-2 in league.

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