On March 15, 2020 at approximately ‪7:51pm‬ the California City Fire Department received a phone call from a frantic female requesting help with a family member that was on the edge of a bridge threatening to jump-off (the golf cart bridge that crosses over California City Blvd.).

California City Fire Department Paramedic Engine 19 started a prompt response with the California City Police Department.

When Paramedic Engine 19 arrived on scene firefighters noted a man clinging despondently to the railing of the bridge above California City Blvd. Firefighters immediately stopped traffic on both sides of California City Blvd.

A firefighter made verbal contact from the roadway and calmly spoke with the mans intent on self-harm and established a rapport.

The firefighter was able to establish a bonding conversation and offered strong words of encouragement as the firefighter shared his own life challenges, and how he had to overcome them.

The man allowed the negotiating firefighter to walk up the bridge for further discussion. The firefighter was able to make further supportive contact with the man at which time the firefighter was able to pull the man off the edge of the bridge and placed him in a safe position with the help of a California City Police Officer.

The man was safely escorted off the bridge by firefighters to an waiting Hall Ambulance for medical evaluation.

The man was transported by the California City Police Department to a mental health care facility for further help.

Please remember help is always available….reach out!

*National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ‪1-800-273-8255‬ *

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