BORON – The long wait is over – Love’s Travel Center in Boron has officially opened for business. The new business had their soft opening on Thursday, Sept. 24th with folks from Boron and highway travelers including long and short haul diesel semis coming in to patronize the business.

  We had a quick interview with the Boron Love’s Travel Center Operations Manager Tristan Del Freita and this is what he had to say; “We’re open up here and we’re glad to be in Boron and we like the Boron community. We’ve got around 80 employees from I and around the Boron community; we have a full service Carl’s Jr., we have a truck tire shop that will be opening up in about a month or so unfortunately, we’ll only be doing diesel trucks as far as tires and light maintenance goes, we have a full service deli where make salads, etc.; everything is made ‘on-site’ so if you need anything, come on in; we’re glad to be here”.

  We then asked Mr. Del Freita about the tire maintenance shop and here’s what he had to say about it; “It’s just for trucks, diesel trucks; unfortunately, we don’t have the tools to work on cars, we only have a set up for big rigs so if you get a flat tire unfortunately we can’t do anything about it. It’s mostly light mechanical for diesel trucks on site or if they break down on the road, we can give them assistance. The road side maintenance trucks we have are for diesel big rigs and if we try to fix your car, they will destroy your tires because of the tools we have. The road side maintenance for big rigs is 24 hours a day 7 days a week”.

  We also asked Mr. Del Freita about the number of employees are working the new business and this is what he told us, “We have about 80 employees here at the Boron Love’s right now; at least half of the team members were hired from the Boron area, we do have some people from Tehachapi and a few from I want to say Mojave and Calif. City as well but at least half are from Boron”.

  We also asked him about expansion and he told us that outside of the truck maintenance shop they don’t plan on expanding in the Boron area however, they’re in the process of building and opening more stores in California.

  “This was a soft opening for the Boron Love’s with a Grand Opening possibly in the next couple of weeks; we have to contact the local Chamber of Commerce to coordinate when we’ll have the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” Mr. Del Freita said.

  The Boron Love’s Travel Center is located at 27201 Boron Frontage Road North and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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