BORON - This month, we featured several people as unsung heroes throughout East Kern County; organizations are no exception. Last week, we came across a nonprofit organization who is helping several residents in the community of Boron by distributing commodities. This organization is Got Ur 6. What is Got Ur 6? What do they do? How long have they been in Boron? Well, we found the answers to your questions; the following is a short explanation as to what Got Ur 6 is all about and what they do as we celebrate another East Kern County Unsung Hero.

  What is Got Ur 6? It’s a group of local individuals who have come together to see to the needs of helping the indigent and homeless. Many people have fallen between the cracks and their goal is to help meet the problems head on with services and education.

  Got Ur 6 is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that was formed in 2017 in the community of Boron to meet the needs of residents in the community and surrounding areas. They provide food boxes to needy families during the holidays, help homeless people locate families and return home safely, place companion animals with individuals, provide replacement items to a family that has lost everything due to a fire or other disaster, provide food for pet owners through their canine services program that lost everything in a house fire or other disaster and provide work clothes to any individual searching for employment.

  According to the Got Ur 6 Facebook page, other services are also provided such as Hugs program, the Bookworm program, emergency disaster services, community service hours, the puppy program, Homeless backpack program, and Job Ready program. The Got Ur 6 program also accepts donations for individual giving and fundraising and monetary donations; exceptions are large appliances and mattresses. A donation collection box is located on the property where anyone wishing to donate can drop off items inside the collection box.

  “It's such a wonderful feeling to work for a nonprofit that truly takes care of the public. Being able to be out in the field and see how everything changes people's lives is so rewarding. I have worked with several nonprofits over the years but have found this one to be my favorite because its mission is so close to my heart” according to a posting from Barbara Baker, who is one of the volunteers in the organization. For more information on Got Ur 6, if you need assistance or how you can help, please contact Mrs. Baker at 760-818-2840. You can also go to the Facebook page.

  The Mojave Desert News wishes to thank Mrs. Baker for the information on this wonderful nonprofit organization and congratulate her and the Got Ur 6 crews on being chosen as one of our featured Unsung Heroes; if you or someone you know wants to be featured in future issues of the Mojave Desert News as the unsung hero; please contact our office at 1-760-373-4812 during normal business hours, which is Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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