Defunding Police Isn't the Answer 

June 10, 2020 | View Online

Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News' Fox & Friends this morning to discuss Democrats' dangerous push to defund the police. McCarthy explained that we should instead be focusing on creating better performance, transparency, and accountability within the police force.

Leader McCarthy also spoke about his friend Angela Underwood Jacobs, whose brother was senselessly murdered protecting a federal building during a recent protest in Oakland, California.

Highlights of remarks are below, or watch online here.
"Angela [Jacobs] is an amazing woman. She served on the City Council in a city I represented in Lancaster. She even thought about running for Congress...

"[She is] well loved throughout her community, [and an] activist within her community. And she got the sad news like others where she lost her brother Patrick who was a federal officer protecting a federal building who was shot and killed during these protests.

"She is going to come and speak to the committee today about her loss just like the Floyds' loss as well... [and the] senseless murders that have taken place during this time period. This is a moment where this nation is grieving. Angela is grieving. The Floyd family is grieving. I grieve for them, and this is a moment [where] we can listen and strive to be that more perfect union.

"And I hope her words that she speaks today, that both sides will listen to them and take them into consideration as we move forward on [how] best to accomplish our goals.

"This movement of defunding the police through the Democratic party is stronger than impeachment ever was [or] Medicare for All. They are already taking actions on it. Cities are already doing that, and that's the last thing you want to happen [because it will] perpetuate the problem more...

"We should be providing more money for training. If you look at the recent studies by Chiefs of Police, 80 percent of them said there is a greater need for training. We want the very best officers out there so we should provide better training and transparency...

"And then you want accountability. 99% of all officers believe and put their life on the line to protect and serve us. But what about the 1% of bad apples? We've got to be able to remove those individuals... If we have better performance, better transparency, and better accountability we will have a much better solution to this problem."

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