2022 US Borax Rio-Tinto Mules.

  BORON - Every year, US Borax/Rio-Tinto Borates & Lithium Boron Operations bestows upon 20 employees "mule" status due to the length of service with the company; six of those employees were honored as new mules as well as the 14 employees with previous mule status. The honors took place during a luncheon on July 15th where the 20 employees were recognized for their service and dedication to the company. The following are the 2022 "mules" for US Borax/Rio-Tinto Borates & Lithium Boron Operations.

  Matthew Ely, Randy Spears, Tammy Buchoz, Victor Quiroga, Michael Cappello, Terry Vickrs and Robert Cadger for 41 years of service each; Joseph Jaramillo, Crescencio Ancheta Jr., Rick Beck, Thomas Laskey and Duane McKean for 42 years of service each; Timothy Merritt, Russell York, Jim Henderson, and Joe Turner Jr. for 43 years of service each; Michael Williamson for 44 years of service; Gregory Smith and Bruce Nelson for 45 years of service each and the longest serving employee of them all – Ronald Roquemore with 54 years of service.

  The Mojave Desert News would like to congratulate the 2022 “Mules” on the combined 850+ years of employment with the company and a special congratulations goes out to Ronald Roquemore for 54 years of continued employment and dedication to US Borax/Rio-Tinto Borates Boron Operations.

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