Good afternoon to everyone in our community. I hope all of you are doing well, and everybody is safe and healthy.

As you are all aware over the last few weeks there’s been a lot of talk about the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

I’m very happy to announce that as of 12:37pm Monday, there has been zero reported cases of the coronavirus within the County of Kern. This information came from the Kern County Health Department.

Within the next 5 to 10 days, the city will be issuing an emergency declaration, so we will be available for FEMA assistance if we find ourselves in need.

To put everybody’s mind at ease, all essential city services will be available but limited to appointments to ensure all precautions are taken to keep our community safe. The Police, Fire, and Public Works, which includes the Street and Water Departments will be available and on schedule. There will be no interruption for the Meals on Wheels, and it will continue as scheduled.  It is the City’s top priority to maintain the quality of life for all residents.

As far as the water billing goes, customers do not have to worry about having late fees or water shutoffs imposed if their bill is going to be late. These two actions have been suspended indefinitely until things change for the better. We are here to protect and to serve our community and our customers.

With paying your water bill, the city requests you do one the following:

1) Pay your water bill online.

2) Pay your water bill over the phone

3) Pay your water bill at City Hall by depositing your envelope into the receptacle that’s just outside City Hall’s doors. The receptacle is checked hourly to collect all the bills that were deposited there.

4) If you have to come into City Hall to pay your water bill, please keep in mind the CDC 6-foot personal space.

By doing one of these four simple things in paying your water bill, this will reduce the possibility or exposure of the coronavirus to you or your family members. We are closing the Senior Center, The Arts and Community Building, the Strata and all related/scheduled activities run and/or supported by the City. We also cancelled the Circus.

Local churches and church social events, school events, and public entities are strongly encouraged to limit gatherings and scheduled events or services.

Gov. Newsom extended his caution during a press conference at Cal OES. He has directed that all bars, clubs, wineries close for the time being.

The state has just closed restaurants except for drive through, pick up or delivery.

We will be posting a sign on City Hall doors asking all who are sick to not enter, pay online if possible, call for appointments to see any department. This is simply an attempt to limit exposure.

City Hall is still open until Council allows a state of emergency. We are not required by state/county or approved by Council at this time to close City Hall.  If City Hall is closed as a precaution, staff will still be allowed to work internally.  

What you have read in this message is strictly precautionary measures to reduce the possibility of being exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

If you have any questions or concerns dealing with day to day city operations please feel free to call City Hall at 760-373-8661.

If you have any questions concerning COVID-19, you can go online, and you can check with the state of California, CDC or the County of Kern for the most current updated information.  

The only other thing I request from everybody in our community is that you make a call daily and check on a friend or family member.

If you see something suspicious please; report it to the Police Department, for example somebody has bought a lot of toilet paper or hand sanitizer and they try to sell it to people at super inflated prices.  Call the Police Department at 760-373-8606 , or if it is a true emergency call 9-1-1.

• What we are doing in this city is the same as Federal, State and County officials. Everything we are doing is precautionary, precautionary, precautionary. That’s it.

• Are there going to be inconveniences in our personal and professional lives, the answer is a resounding YES.   

• But the bottom line is this, we’re going to be absolutely fine. Why you ask, because we are Cal City Strong.


Chuck McGuire Mayor

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