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November 4, 2020 | View Online
The Republican coalition is bigger, more diverse, and more energetic than ever before. That is because of President Trump -- his efforts in reaching out to every demographic has positively changed the future of the GOP...
There’s a simple reason for this: President Trump has led our country to historic success. 

Even in the face of unprecedented challenges, his administration has prevailed and delivered results for the American people. That is why our country needs President Trump for four more years and we will continue to fight for his reelection until all the votes legally cast are counted...

President Trump’s momentum has helped us expand our House Republican coalition. As of right now we have 7 GOP pickups. We also have 11 outstanding races that I feel confident about.

We will likely have 14-19 additional women in our conference
  • The previous record for new Republican women was 9. 
  • Thus far, we will have beaten our previous record for current Republican women in the House
We will also likely be adding 6 to 9 minorities to our conference 
  • Byron Donald - FL
  • Carlos Gimenez - FL
  • Maria Salazaar - FL
  • Yvette Herrell - NM
  • Tony Gonzalez - TX
  • Stephanie Bice - OK 
  • Michele Steele - CA
  • Young Kim - CA
Now, I've heard for months from pollsters and the media about how Republicans were going to lose more seats, and cling to a shrinking coalition. We expanded this party that reflects America, that looks like America.

We look forward to continuing to work for the American public and make good on our Commitment to America -- that we will renew, rebuild, and restore this nation.

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