BORON – After a year of distance learning due to COVID -19 Boron area students are back in the classroom. Muroc Joint Unified School District schools opened for in-person learning on Monday, April 12th with social distancing protocols in place; it’s been nearly 3 weeks since the re-opening of East Kern County schools.

  According to a letter from West Boron Elementary School Principal Robert Kostopolous to parents/guardians the school officially opened April 12th. Bus schedules were posted at the Boron Food Mart and Sunshine Market in North Edwards by April 11th.

  According to the Muroc Joint Unified School District re-opening protocol, teachers will be lined up and ready for children to arrive and escort them to class, students are provided with 2 separate recess times and 4 lunch period times in order to practice safe social distancing, hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the school grounds to promote cleanliness and masks/mask shield combos will be utilized at all times throughout the day. Children will be allowed to play together on the playground equipment while practicing social distancing; also, parents and visitors will NOT be allowed on campus-instead, parents will pick up and drop off their student at a designated pickup/drop-off station at the beginning and end of the school day. Media will not be allowed to photograph students while on campus or at the start/end of the day except for after-school sporting events. No public performances of any kind are being held at this time to protect the students and faculty; also, anyone wishing to visit campus will have to make an appointment and a temperature check when they arrive inside the office.

 We had an in-person interview with Boron Jr. Sr. High School Principal David Wiggs on the afternoon of April 15th and this is what he had to say about the school re-opening,

 “A lot of things had to be done before we allowed the students to return to campus like applications to the county, making classrooms safe for students to return, etc and so there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes in order to get this done as soon as possible. We have social distancing protocols in place inside the classroom as well as the lunch room, we have hand sanitizer stations placed outside each classroom, we have disinfecting wipes for teachers to use after each student enters and leaves the classroom and we’re really committed to making our school a safe place for everyone, Inside the classrooms, the desks/tables are at least 3 feet apart, as far as P.E. (physical education) classes go, we giving it at least 2 weeks then we will most likely have it outside (weather permitting).

  As far as graduation goes: we asked Mr. Wiggs about whether or not it will be held inside or outside and he told us, “We’re looking for an indoor graduation depending on what the county and state have to say about it”. Some schools in the state according to Governor Newsome will be holding classes over the summer months however; Muroc Joint Unified School District hasn’t heard anything from the county or the state concerning this. “As far as the fall school year, we’re hoping to have a normal school opening unlike we had on April 12th” Mr. Wiggs said. Right now, Boron is happy to have the students back in school and most everyone we talked to say that they were glad the students were back. The school system wasn’t prepared for something like this so it’s a learning process for everyone involved; teachers, students, faculty, etc and according to Mr. Wiggs, “I don’t think anyone was prepared for something like this but, if it happens again (which we hope it doesn’t) we will be prepared”.

  The Mojave Desert News would like to welcome back all East Kern area students and teachers back to school and hope you all have a good year.

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