SoCal gas installation

A SoCal Gas Company contractor hooks up a natural gas pipeline in a California City home on July 23 as part of appliance installation to homes eligible to be hooked up to natural gas pipelines.

CALIFORNIA CITY — Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today joined the California City community to launch a program that will bring reliable and affordable natural gas service to as many as 224 homes that currently use wood and propane. Participating homes will be upgraded with new natural gas appliances and a professionally installed natural gas service line. The upgrades will help customers save money on their energy bills and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved of the California City program in 2018, along with ten other pilot programs to bring safe, affordable, and reliable energy to underserved communities in the San Joaquin Valley counties. For photos from today’s pilot launch in California City, click here.

“This program will provide dozens of families with more affordable, reliable energy for the long term,” said Jeff Walker, vice president of customer solutions for SoCalGas. “Even better, it will give homeowners access to a full suite of energy efficiency programs that help keep their energy costs affordable and compared to propane, natural gas will reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change.”

In addition to natural gas equipment upgrades, the new SoCalGas customers will now be eligible for a variety of SoCalGas’ energy efficiency and bill assistance programs to help them conserve energy and save money. In 2019 alone, SoCalGas’ energy efficiency programs saved customers $55.6 million and reduced emissions equal to taking 57,000 cars off California roads for one year.

“The process has been smooth and easy,” said, Nicole Freehart, a California City homeowner, who recently had utility service installed. “The entire SoCalGas, Staples Energy and Self-Help Enterprise teams were efficient and worked seamlessly to get the work completed. I am very happy with my gas service and new appliances.”

The new SoCalGas customers will now also be able to set up their own "My Account" to view and pay their bill online, schedule service and/or sign up for paperless billing. Income-qualified customers can also benefit from energy savings and assistance programs that can help them save money. More information about these programs is available at (search “Assistance”) or by calling 1-800-331-7593 (available in English and Spanish).

In addition, about half the households participating in the program may also receive solar thermal units, which further reduce the amount of energy needed to heat water. The thermal system captures the warmth of the sun and uses it to reliably heat water, working in tandem with an existing natural gas water heater. Interested homeowners can apply by visiting

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