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CALIFORNIA CITY – Adoption of a resolution regarding proceedings for establishing the water standby charge for fiscal year 2019-2020 has been added to the consent calendar for City Council meeting April 23. An addendum including the consent calendar item as well as an additional closed session item regarding one item of anticipated litigation was sent out April 19. The resolution is the first step in establishing the standby charge, a public hearing on the matter will be held May 14.

There is no increase in tax assessment, according to the addendum. The water assessment standby fees remain the same as billed in 2018, with the exception of the service fee:

Affected Lands

A list of the assessor’s parcel number (or other identifying information for any parcel for which an assessor’s parcel number is not listed) of each parcel to be charged is on file in the Office of the City Clerk and incorporated herein by reference. The list also includes the amount of the charge for each listed parcel.

The proposed charge is as follows:

(a) Effective July 1, 2019, water standby charges shall be paid by certain property within the

City not receiving water service as follows:

(1) “Acres 1": Within recorded tracts for which a Subdivision Deferred Improvement

“SDI” Agreement exists, parcels not fronting upon a water main shall pay $15.00

per parcel per annum.

(2) “Acres 2": Within recorded tracts for which an SDI agreement exists, parcels

fronting upon a water main shall pay $20.00 per parcel per annum.

(3) “Acres 3": Within recorded tracts for which an SDI Agreement does not exist,

parcels shall pay $25.00 per parcel per annum.

(b) Notwithstanding the foregoing, water standby charges shall not be paid by certain

property within the City as follows:

(1) Parcels contained in a condominium, townhouse or other multi-family residential

development shall not pay a standby charge, provided common area parcels shall

pay a charge at the rate specified in subsection (a).

(2) Ownership interests consisting solely of mineral rights shall not pay standby


(3) Parcels receiving water service as of the effective date shall not pay a standby charge.

Public Hearing

(a) The Council shall conduct a public hearing at the City Council Chambers located at 21000 Hacienda Blvd, California City, California, on May 14, 2019. At the published hearing, the Council will hear and consider all objections or protests, if any, to the proposed charges.

(b) The City Clerk is directed to publish notice of the public hearing.

Meetings are held in City Council Chambers, 21000 Hacienda Blvd. in California City. The closed session starts at 5 p.m. and the open session at 6 p.m. Open sessions are open to the public.

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