Courtesy Cal City Fire Department

The Bobcat Fire continues to burn in Los Angeles County, prompting evacuations for some Antelope Valley communities. California City has sent resources to help fight it.

A statewide need for resources to help combat wildfires prompted the California City Fire Department to send one of its own to assist in fighting a Southern California fire last week, according to CCFD.

According to the news release, Fire Captain and paramedic David Orr was assigned to the Bobcat Fire in the Angeles National Forest as a fireline paramedic. He is currently assigned to nighttime operations in Division G of the unified incident taskforce combating the blaze.

"Fireline Paramedics support other firefighting personnel by providing preventative healthcare and emergency treatment," the fire department stated. "This is a great example of your local firefighters assisting the statewide battle of wildfires."

CCFD will be reimbursed for Orr's service by state and federal funds allocated to combating the fire incident.

The Bobcat Fire, which started in the Angeles National Forest Sept. 6, has grown to more than 105,000 acres and was 15% contained as of Monday morning, Sept. 21. The fire is among the largest in Los Angeles County's history.

The fire grew rapidly from its initial start, fueled by dry brush, chapparal and grass.

The blaze forced the evacuation of several communities, including Antelope Valley enclaves of Juniper Hills, Devils Punchbowl and Paradise Springs. Several structures and homes have since been claimed by the fire and Devils Punchbowl Visitors and nature center was destroyed.

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