EDWARDS - Edwards Air Force Base, the 412th Electronic Warfare Group and the 445th Test Squadron are celebrating the opening of a brand-new digital testing training facility enabled by the Joint Simulation Environment. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening was held on the afternoon of May 8th with several dignitaries in attendance, including US Congressman Mike Garcia from the California 27th District Representative for US Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Jake Lopez, Representative for California 12th District Senator Shannon Grove, Dominic Heiden and Representative for California 21st District Senator Scott Wilson, Brandon Rogue.

  According to a press release from Edwards Air Force Base, the DTTR is specifically designed to meet the unique and complex needs of the Joint Simulation Environment. The facility is equipped with cutting edge technology and enables Edwards skilled test professionals to work more effectively and efficiently than ever.

  “I'm grateful to the countless individuals, including leadership from 412th Test Wing in the Air Force Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base, who have worked tirelessly to advance the state-of-the-art facility. This will serve as an invaluable resource to help test weapons systems and realistic environments and better prepare for future missions and because of these unwavered efforts, our nation's Air Force will be stronger and better equipped to handle the challenges”, according to a statement from Congressman McCarthy.

  "This new facility represents a tangible expression of our organization's values and mission beyond simply its functionable characteristics but more than that, it represents an investment in the future of the United States Air Force” according to Lieutenant Colonel James Peterson, who is the 445th TS commander.

  The DTTR represents robust digital synthetic environment for developing 5th and 6th generation platforms and their advanced weapon systems using the principles of digital engineering. It is also the first of its kind. The site will pave the way toward digital transformation for experimentation, development, testing, and high-end advanced training of 5th generation and other advanced weapon systems. The facility will also allow the test and evaluation to execute complex testing and high-end training events in a virtual environment that can replicate high densities of model-based systems in a closed, secure environment without the traditional limitations of an open-air range.

  The facility’s estimated cost is approximately $34.4 million dollars and will provide high-end modeling and simulation capabilities for the United States Air Force.

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