BAKERSFIELD – An Acton man found guilty in a double homicide shooting in California City learned his fate on Aug. 23.  Desmond Perry, 34, was found guilty on July 1 for the shooting deaths of 12-year old Trinity Wiggins and her uncle 39-year old Michael Wiggins which occurred on July 22, 2018 in California City; Perry was also found guilty of Shooting at an Inhabited Dwelling.

As reported in July 2018, California City Police responded to a shooting which occurred on the evening of July 22, 2018 in the 9000 block of Lupine Loop at Corwin Avenue. When officers arrived on scene, they found two victims with gunshot wounds; one was pronounced dead at the scene and the other one was transported to the hospital where they succumbed to their injuries. Witnesses told police at the time, they saw a 2009-2010 Black Nissan Altima with two black male suspects flee the scene shortly after the shooting; one of the suspects was later identified as Perry. Police located the vehicle south of California City, however Perry had disappeared.

Several days later, tips from the public came in and on Aug. 1, 2018, Perry was arrested at an apartment complex in Lancaster and brought back to Kern County to stand trial. On July 18, 2019 Perry was found Guilty of all charges and on Aug. 23 received a sentence of 80 years to Life in Wasco State Prison with 28 years Suspended/Stayed and 388 days Credit as well as fined $510. Perry will be eligible for Parole after serving approximately 52 years of his sentence.

After the sentencing hearing, the Wiggins family stated that, “This won’t bring Trinity and Michael back but at least, we got some justice and he’ll (Perry) never be able to do this to another family”.


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