Cerro Coso Community College’s Business Office Technology program provides a framework of business technology knowledge and skills that can adapt to any company’s operation.  The program prepares students for employment in challenging positions as administrative assistants and office managers through courses in communication, industry standard computer applications, business, and bookkeeping in order to meet the needs of the technologically dynamic office. 


The college is offering a number of 8-week late-start classes this fall in Computer Literacy (BSOT C075), Microsoft PowerPoint (BSOT C127), Microsoft Outlook (BSOT C129), Intermediate Computer Keyboarding (BSOT C132), Beginning Adobe Acrobat (BSOT C135), Intermediate Excel (BSOT C153), Advanced Word (BSOT C161), and Advanced Access (BSOT C165).  All are online classes for your convenience. 


Career opportunities for students mastering these classes include: Office Assistant, Bookkeeper, Data Entry Operator, Filing Clerk, Office Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Front Office Professional, Payroll Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, and Accounts Payable Clerk.  Cerro Coso offers an Associate of Science in Business Office Technology, Business Office Technology Certificate, Administrative Office Assistant Certificate, and an Office Clerk Certificate.


The job outlook for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants is expecting 324,300 openings each year, on average, over the decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the median annual wage was $40,990 in May of 2020. 


Train to become a Business Office Technology Professional at Cerro Coso this fall.  Complete listing of late start classes available on the web at www.cerrocoso.edu.  Cerro Coso Community College – Your Hometown College.


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