Celebrating Student Success
The CCCC Foundation is so proud to share this story of student success!
Cerro Coso Community College is celebrating six students this year that earned both their Associate in Arts (AA) college degree in Liberal Arts as well as their high school diploma from California City High School. The six students are Airam Gomez, Ashley Padilla, Kimberly Alvarez, Nicole Cabrera, Daisy Montano, and Gabrielle Moore. 
All six students were dedicated, hardworking and truly committed to getting their Associates degree by the time they graduated from high school.  This was made possible via dual and concurrent enrollment programs offered by the College. All now have plans to continue their education in the fall.
Airam will be attending Northern Arizona University where she will be pursuing a degree in Biology. Ashley will be attending College of the Canyons where she will be finishing the pre-requisites to pursue a degree in Nursing. Kimberly will be attending Long Beach State where she will be pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Nicole will be attending California State University Fresno to pursue a degree in Animal Science.  Daisy will be attending Antelope Valley College where she will be pursue Nursing. Gabrielle will be attending the University of Washington where she will be pursuing a degree in Environmental Science & Terrestrial Resource Management, Oceanography, or both. By earning their Associate in Arts (AA) college degree in Liberal Arts, these students will start as junior or third year college student of study, thus accelerating their ability to earn a Bachelor's Degree and at the same time saving money and potentially limiting student debt.
The CCCC Foundation is truly proud of all their accomplishments and we wish these students all the best in their future endeavors!

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