CALIF. CITY – The Calif. City Planning Commission held their bi-monthly meeting on the evening of Feb. 21st inside the board room at city hall; the meeting began at approximately 6pm.

  After the meeting was called to order, the Pledge of Allegiance and roll call, there was a motion and a second to adopt the agenda dated Feb. 21st; motion carried.

  Under Planning Secretary Reports/Late Communications – non reportable at this time.

  Under Disclosure of Site Visits and Ex-Parte Contacts – the commissioners disclosed site visits and ex-parte contacts for the items listed on the agenda.

  Under Public Business from the Floor - none reportable currently.

  Under Consent Calendar – there was a motion and a second to approve the following items; CC1: approve the meeting minutes dated Feb. 7th; motion carried.

  Under Public Hearing – A public hearing was held concerning a proposal for a General Plan Amendment and adoption of Zoning Amendment (ZC22-04) for the property located at 10856 Hanover Drive to amend the General Plan designation from “Neighborhood Commercial” to “Light Industrial and Research” and to rezone the property from “Neighborhood Commercial” (C-1) to “Light Industrial and Research” (M-1) to accommodate the existing Padron Metal Finishing Company use. A recommendation to adopt Resolution #02-23-01 was also presented which denies the request for General Plan amendment and rezoning for 10856 Hanover Drive; considerable discussion was heard from both commissioners; no action was taken on this item.

  Under Staff Comments – each member of the staff was able to present information and give reports at this time then, the Chair called for Commissioner Comments.

  Under Commissioner Comments – commissioners were able to present information, announcements and other items that have come to their attention at this time; no formal action was taken however, a commissioner may request an item discussed to place on the calendar for consideration at a future meeting or refer the item to staff members. The Chair recognized that Mayor Kulikoff was in attendance.

  After all the business was taken care of, there was a motion and a second to adjourn the meeting.

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