In a world where more and more activities are centered online, developing an effective digital marketing plan is a must for every organization. 


Cerro Coso Community College is offering a NEW certificate program in Digital Media and Marketing this fall.   


Ideal for those who work in business office technology, real estate, sales, marketing, administration, education, science, engineering, healthcare, small business, and other industries.  This program will teach how to develop high-performing integrated visual communication and social media marketing that deliver on key metrics.


Need to learn digital skills and marketing for your business including visual communications like - newsletters, advertisements, technical illustration, photography, web sites and video; this certificate will provide you with the skills you need to communicate with customers, management, investors, colleagues, students, patients, and the public.


The certificate only requires four courses in e-commerce, computer illustration, digital video production, digital images, and fundamentals of web development.  Pick the courses you are most interested in and start this fall.    


Cerro Coso is offering Digital Imaging (DMA C102), Computer Illustration (DMA C107), Fundamentals of Web Development (DMA C111), Digital Video Production (DMA C131), and Web Development with PHP and MySQL (DMA C213) all online this fall. 


Fall classes begin August 23, 2021.  A complete schedule of classes is available at  For more information or assistance in registering call the college at 760-384-6219. 


Cerro Coso Community College – Your Hometown College!


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