At the Desert Rose Garden Club’s last meeting, before going dark for the summer months of July and August, new officers were elected. 

Cecile Campbell, president of the Club in past years, did the official installation.  She thanked the past officers for a bountiful “harvest” for successful projects such as the completion of Phase III plantings at the east end of the median on California City Boulevard, plant sales, and other events. 

Officers installed were:  Renee Rivera, President; Nancy Beasley, Vice President; Dibby Green, Treasurer; Terry Fairfield, Secretary; and Pam DeMumbrum, Parliamentarian. 

Campbell gave the officers packets of seeds, each one with a different symbolic meaning.  President Rivera received cucumber seeds for productive growth and remaining “cool as a cucumber”.  Vice President Beasley received turnip seeds to turn up challenging, interesting, and up-to-date programs.  Secretary Fairfield received carrot seeds, known for aiding eyesight, to enable vision for accurate minutes.  Treasurer Green received lettuce seeds, its leaves for crispness in the treasury.  Parliamentarian DeMumbrum received squash seeds to help squash discontent and disunity.

Refreshments were served and a new schedule has been set for future meetings.  Starting in September, the Club will hold meetings the first and third Tuesdays of each month.  The first Tuesday will be an evening meeting with a special presentation or workshop.  The third Tuesday of each month will be a business meeting.  All these meetings are open to the public and to members.  The Desert Rose Garden Club’s focus is on education and the beautification of the City.