California City firefighters combat a brush fire on the northbound Highway 14 near California City Boulevard offramp Thursday, Oct. 15. Firefighters from Cal City and from Kern County Fire Department were dispatched to deal with multiple spot fires.

CALIFORNIA CITY — California City and Kern County firefighters were deployed Thursday morning to combat several spot brush fires burning on the northbound Highway 14 from the California City offramp toward the Highway 14/Highway 58 turnoff.

The fires were reported at around 9:15 a.m., according to California Highway Patrol reports.

California City Engine 19, Kern County Engines 12, 14 and 15 were assigned to combat the brush fires.

The cause is still being investigated, but per CHP traffic report, Kern County Fire Department reported a the possibility of a vehicle dragging something, causing the fires to spark. The vehicle was reported existing Cal City Boulevard at around 9:33 a.m. and headed eastbound.